Last Tuesday evening, Next Big Things had a blast hosting our “Technologies of the Future” event at WeWork, Seoul. This thrilling event brought together four industry-shaping entrepreneurs to educate our tech-savvy audience on what’s happening in their rapidly-developing fields. These four speakers represented an impressive range of futuristic technologies: artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, cybersecurity, and robotics.


We are fortunate to live in such an amazing, tech-focused time and see what all of this new technology can do for the world. This is a time in history that will be remembered for its rapid advancements, limitless creativity and innovation, and the exponential growth of technology. It seems like there is some new tech innovation every time we check the news, and it feels like nothing is impossible when we look at what creative, fearless entrepreneurs are doing for the world. It is difficult to keep up with everything going on in the tech world, but for those who pay attention to these new innovations, they have a glimpse of what the future may hold in store for us.

Our night began with our first speaker, Nick Chi, Chief Growth Officer of cybersecurity startup KeySupreme. Nick talked us through various security dangers we all face and the race to stay ahead of these never-ending threats in this rapidly developing world. KeySupreme offers authentication as a service, and hopes to make our advancing world a more secure place for everyone, helping businesses stay ahead of the threats that seem to lurk around every corner.

Midway through their presentation, Nick brought up some of the KeySupreme tech team to guide the audience through a live hacking simulation. In this eye-opening demonstration, the audience was shown just how easily hackers can get into our accounts, proving the need for stronger authentication in our tech-centered world. Hackers like these cause a variety of pricey headaches for businesses, so it is crucial to stay ahead of them, and KeySupreme may have the solutions they need.

Learn more about the company and what they’re doing here:

Our second speaker of the night, CEO of Alien Robot, Sunwoo Lee, brought our audience into the fascinating world of robotics. When we think of the future, one of the first things we may think of is robots, in one form or another, and Alien Robot is helping to realize this future by developing a variety of robotics for our everyday life. Sunwoo showed us a demonstration video of their most popular product, the Barista Bot, and how smoothly it can pour a tall cup of coffee (certainly better than I can). In addition to the Barista Bot, Alien Robot’s team has developed a smart actuator, AlienDrive, and even an electric inboard system for boats, to aid in bringing Korea into the future of smart mobility.

To learn more about Alien Robot, follow this link:

Up next in the night’s tech journey was Albert Lee, CEO, Founder and Director of Full Dive Technology. Full Dive is a company that aims to improve AR and VR by making it a more immersive experience for users, creating extended reality (XR) technology. To aid in this full immersion, they have developed a high-tech haptic glove, called X-Sentir, to make this experience more lifelike and enjoyable. Throughout his presentation, Albert displayed one of their impressive, futuristic gloves- the Iron-Man Special Edition to be specific. This piece of tech can be put to use in a wide range of settings- from creating a better gaming experience, to even training medical professionals through in-depth XR anatomical simulations. 

Learn more about Full Dive and their X-Sentir:

      Our final speaker of the night was the CEO of Stryx, Ilseok Park, who is helping to lead Korea into the future of autonomous vehicles through their creation of incredibly in-depth, full-stack mapping solutions for urban environments. Stryx utilizes a series of different technologies to create as accurate of maps as possible, stacking sensor data, mobile mapping systems, AI object-detection, AR navigation tech, machine learning paired with satellite images, and even more. With such a wide assortment of technology going into the creation of their maps, Stryx makes the idea of autonomous vehicles in high-traffic, urban areas a little less daunting.

To learn more about Stryx and their technology:

Throughout the evening, these four speakers did an amazing job of demonstrating what their fields are capable of creating, and how they will shape the future through their technology. Robots, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity, along with many others, play a massive role in our world, and these fields will only continue to grow as time goes on. With technology making such massive strides, though, who knows what we will see next? What will the future look like and how will our world be shaped by technology?

Keep your eyes open for our next event! You won’t want to miss out on The Next Big Thing.