1. Go to domains.google.com
  2. Select the email section from your domain:
  3. Email forwarding: add the alias of the email you want to use
  4. You will receive a confirmation email with the following:
    • Verify your email address and you will be redirected to another page with the following message:
  5. You are all set! You can now receive emails directly to your inbox using an alias.

How to add your alias as a sender option from a G-suite account?

  1. Once you finished to add your alias and redirect it to your inbox you will be able to add your alias email as a sender option. This means that every time you receive an email to hello@example.com you will be able to respond using the same alias.
  2.  Go to settings in your receiving inbox.
  3. One there you will have to go to accounts
  4. After going to accounts you will see the option Send email as and add another email address
  5. Click add another email address option: You will get a pop up with the following:
  6. Add the name of the account.
      1. For ex. If you are sending from hello@example.com, the name should be Team Example or something similar.
  7. Add the email address Alias you created before: hello@example.com
  8. Click next step and you will have the following screen. Send verification.
  9. You will receive a code in your inbox
  10. Enter the code in the pop up window and verify
  11. Now you already added the alias email address as a sender.
  12. For better performance go back to settings>accounts>Reply Email>Reply from the same address the message was sent to (select that option)

How to add your alias as a sender option from a Gmail account?

  1. Follow the sames steps from the previous sections. When you get to Step 4 you will get a pop up to add an email address.
  2. Add email alias and name of the sender and click next step
  3. After that you will a different popup where you will need to fill the following information
    1. SMTP Server: smtp.gmail.com
    2. Username: your gmail account where you are adding the alias
    3. Password: of your gmail account
  4. Click Add Account
    • If you have this error message
  5. Activate less secure apps
  6. Once you activated the less secure apps you will have to create an app password

  7. And you will have to activate 2-step verification with a phone number.
  8. Once you do that you will have to use the app password (code which will look like this qq3tr – xytuh – 43bfg – klkjg) as the password when you are adding the alias in step 3.
  9. Once you add the username from your gmail account and app password you can verify again with the code you will receive in your inbox.
  10. And you are all set now!