Event Plan :

6h30 – 7h00 : Effective Networking – Pizza and Beer

7h00 – 7h30 : “Discovering Artificial Intelligence as the next trillion-dollar technology” by Jonas E Nwuke Business Development Manager @ IBM Watson

7h30 – 7h40 : Q&A

7h40 – 8h20 : Startups to pitch:

Tad Slaff CEO @ Inovance

Oliver Christie CEO @ XLABS Duy Huynh CEO @ Robotbase 8h20 – 8h30 : Networking – Promotion About IBM Watson:

Where Watson Was. Where Watson Is. Where Watson is Going.

Jonas Nwuke, an early member of IBM Watson’s Ecosystem team, will share the story of how Watson, IBM’s Jeopardy! winning computer, is being brought from the lab to the real world. The talk will be part technology and part business, with plenty of opportunity for audience interaction and dialog.

About Inovance:

“Inovance: Big Data Analytics for the Financial Markets. Easily leverage machine-learning algorithms to find patterns in the financial data you care about” For more information visit: (

About XLABS:

“Oliver Christie is the Co-founder and CEO of XLABS. Using Artificial Intelligence to build the next generation of enterprise software. The first software to be released soon can compress any video file to 99.92%. With no data loss” For more information visit:

About Robotbase:

“Robotbase ( is building a hardware + software platform that instantly enables developers to build AI into their robots and devices. At the event, they will demo their first robot, The Personal Robot (, as well as their AI Platform (”

Location: WeWork Charging Bull