Friday, December 14, 2018
Jemy Chen
Mathematics major at the University at Buffalo
Bob Kobilov
I am recent graduate student from Sejong University and I’m passionate about computer science. I’m really enthusiastic about new technologies such as AI, Cryptocurrency and Python.
Seouk Hyun Yoon
An aspiring explorer, I currently study at the SC Johnson College of Business at Cornell University. Providing service is one of my deepest values but my interests span from hospitality to technology and entrepreneurship. Growing my potential and expanding opportunities inspire me, but as all things, it is easier said than done.
Hilton Felix
I'm a sophomore student at Stony Brook in Mechanical Engineering. I was always passionate about startups and the latest technologies. I grew up in Belgium and I'm proficient in 5 languages. My interests range from volleyball, choir music and computer science.
Anna Pi
I am a sophomore studying finance and entrepreneurship at Purdue University. I am from Seattle and have lived abroad in South Korea; I am currently studying abroad at HKUST. I enjoy traveling, writing blog posts and reading business or self help books.
Kevin Son
I am currently a student at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign studying accounting. With genuine interest and passion for technology and startups, I have been able to develop my professional skillsets and business acumen as a business development intern at KeySupreme. I love playing basketball, watching movies, and traveling.
Gulnur Ficicilar
Hi, I am Gulnur. My goal in life is to always love what I’m doing. This includes my work and my past times - I want to love it all. I earned degree in computer science and engineering from the Ewha Womans University, graduating in 2018. My career interest lie in cyber-security and ethical hacking. My philosophy in life is "to Antigone never dull never boring always a Sage."
I'm a business operations manager at a cyber security startup. I'm really interested in learning about new technologies and I'm passionate to discover new things. I like traveling and meeting new people and one of my dreams is to travel all over the world.
Sofia Caceres
I'm an entrepreneur with passion for new technologies, interested in being part of the next big things. "She believed she could, so she did."