Friday, December 14, 2018
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Gulnur Ficicilar
Hi, I am Gulnur. My goal in life is to always love what I’m doing. This includes my work and my past times - I want to love it all. I earned degree in computer science and engineering from the Ewha Womans University, graduating in 2018. My career interest lie in cyber-security and ethical hacking. My philosophy in life is "to Antigone never dull never boring always a Sage."

Hacking Techniques: BeEF JS Injection

BeEF Framework BeEF is short for The Browser Exploitation Framework. Beef is another free great professional security tool that focuses on the web browser...

Cyber Attack Types

Invincibility lies in the defense, the possibility of victory in the attack. -Sun Tzu (The Art of War)   A cyber  attack is a malicious and deliberate...

Phases of Hacking

Five Phases of Hacking There are mainly 5 phases in hacking. A hacker does not necessarily need to follow these 5 steps in a...

State of Hacking

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and few minutes of cyber-incident to ruin it.” ― Stephane Nappo Hacking generally refers to unauthorized intrusion...